lundi 22 décembre 2014


 Voici l'annonce de la création d'un nouveau réseau dans le domaine de l'énergie éolienne aérienne :

"Dear AWE-friends

We are happy to announce the foundation of the Airborne Wind Energy Network “HWN 500”. Goal is to initiate R&D-projects to support the development of innovative airborne wind energy systems.

Network partners are small & medium sized companies, international institutions and universities as well as the German Airborne Wind Energy Association.
Together with its partners the network initiates innovative research and development projects in the areas:

-          Material: tether, wing/kite
-          Aerodynamics, Steering & Control
-          Meteorology & Wind
-          Robotics, Launch/Retrieval
-          Energy Storage
-          Permits & Certifications.

The network is co-financed by the German Ministry for Economics and Energy which has the target to support R&D projects in Germany. Even if the focus for these projects is on Germany, the network is open for partners from all over the world.

Further information will be published at shortly.
Please note that the Network will be present at the upcoming Airborne Wind Energy Conference taking place at TU Delft June 15/16 2015. If you are interested to join the network you are welcome to contact our network-management either by email or at AWEC 2015.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Guido Luetsch
Leader Network-Management"

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